Bone Level Training: Implant / Abutment Placement Protocol
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Bone Level Training: Implant / Abutment Placement Protocol

Dentanext Media
4 minutes
This short animated video shows you the correct drilling protocol for Z-SYSTEMS 100% Ceramic Bone-Level Screw-Retained Implants. Along with an example of the restorative process utilizing a standard Z-SYSTEMS abutment. In the video, a 4.0 x 10mm implant is used to show each step in the implant placement process. Other implant sizes vary slightly in the necessary drilling protocol steps but follow the same guidelines. Please refer to the Z-Systems Bone Level User Manual for individual implant placement guidelines.
Included in this Video:
Complete Drilling Protocol for a 4.0 x 10mm Bone Level Implant from initial flap opening to wound closure for the initial healing phase.
All technical specs including drill speeds and torque levels for each step in the process.
Easy to follow steps for placing a bone-level ceramic implant and the steps for correct abutment placement for optimal final aesthetic results.