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Experience from over 100,000 implants placed
The World‘s First 100 % Ceramic Two-Piece Screw-Retained Implant-Abutment connection
15+ Years of FDA Approval
All Z-SYSTEMS implants are provided with a hydrophilic surface! The laser-structured SLM®-surface has been shown to promote osseointegration due to its demonstrable increased roughness
Z-SYSTEMS Ceramic Implants: The most advanced & versatile ceramic dental implants on the market today!

Over 100,000 successfully placed implants and over 15 years of experience have brought us significant advances in manufacturing, quality, and know-how. We value clinical documentation and are certified as per ISO 13485.

We obtained the first CE certification for one-piece ceramic implants in 2004. These are manufactured with our safe Zirkolith® process. In 2007, we were the first ceramic implant manufacturer to meet the requirements to obtain FDA certification. Four years later, we continued this success with our Z5c two-piece ceramic implant. The Z5m(t) conical ceramic implant with active threads was certified by the FDA in 2015, and successfully introduced around the world. Our two-piece screwed Z5s implant obtained CE certification in 2016. We are the first and only manufacturer of a Fully Ceramic Screw-Retained Bone-Level 2-Piece implant made of ceramic with platform switching, along with the New 2-piece Screw-Retained Tissue Level Implant!
The benefits of Z-SYSTEMS ceramic implants at a glance:
Survival rate comparable to that of titanium implants
Secure osseointegration thanks to the hydrophilic SLM® surface
Implant and abutment can be prepped
Higher material strength than titanium
Less plaque, better gum attachment
Not electrically conductive, no galvanic elements, no currents
Sustained aesthetic results

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Free Tuition provided by Z-SYSTEMS Ceramic Implants to provide all doctors the opportunity to learn and advance their careers in Zirconia Implants.

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A Comprehensive Digital Library of Product Highlights and Official Surgical and Prosthetic Protocols for Z-SYSTEMS Products.

12 CE | Santa Monica, CA | Product Launch

OCT 7 - OCT 8

Join Z-SYSTEMS Ceramic Implants in Santa Monica, CA this Fall for their Annual Global Symposium as well as the Launch of their 100% Ceramic Screw-Retained Implant Line.

2 Exciting Days of Hand-On Experiences and Lectures from some of the Foremost Experts in Ceramic Implant Dentistry.

You won't want to miss this!
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